About QSI

Who We Are

QSI, Inc. is a full-service provider of self-service technology, security, maintenance and cash management solutions for community banks, credit unions and other financial institutions. As the largest financial partner in the U.S. for NCR, we offer a full portfolio of solutions which advance your channel strategy to the next level.  All installation, integration, and service is managed and performed by QSI employees, delivering the seamless results you need.

Our Commitment to Quality and Service

We are committed to our customers and partners and have a passion for financial products and technology. We take on big challenges, and pride ourselves on seeing them through.

Our Core Values: Efficiency, Integrity and Innovation

  • By working in teams QSI maximizes efficiency in service coverage. The same philosophy applies to our internal departments. We cross-train so that our customers get the best possible service, regardless of the need.
  • At QSI we work to manage our time wisely. Streamlining processes leads to time savings and improved performance.
  • By identifying and eliminating inefficiencies, we reduce expenses associated with unnecessary resources or steps in a process.
  • The efficiency we achieve with our internal processes results in delivering products and services in a timely and effective manner. This results in reliable project completion and higher customer satisfaction.
  • Responding quickly and effectively to new challenges or opportunities makes QSI resilient and competitive.
  • QSI has invested wisely in ways to minimize waste and use resources wisely, from geothermal energy throughout our Bardstown campus, to recycling of packing materials, to proper disposal of equipment that we remove and replace.
  • Efficiency provides us a strategic advantage in our industry. QSI works to consistently deliver high-quality products and services in a cost-effective manner, positioning us for long-term success.

By prioritizing efficiency as a core value, QSI has created a foundation for sustained success, fostered a culture of continuous improvement and adapted to the dynamic challenges of today’s financial technology and security industry.

  • Integrity is the cornerstone of trust. At QSI, our consistent honesty and ethical behavior builds trust with clients, employees and the community. 
  • Integrity guides us to make ethical decisions even when faced with difficult choices. 
  • Credibility and reputation is built over time through consistent adherence to ethical standards, and it is a significant factor in our success.
  • Integrity involves taking responsibility for one’s actions and being accountable for the consequences. Our accountability is crucial for the overall health of our organization.
  • Employees are more likely to feel valued and respected in a positive workplace culture that prioritizes honesty, fairness and ethical behavior.
  • Sustainable long-term success is built on a foundation of trust, credibility, and ethical practices, which contribute to the loyalty of customers, employees, and stakeholders.
  • Integrity extends beyond individual and organizational boundaries, contributing to positive social impact. By promoting ethical behavior and responsibility, QSI contributes to building a more just and sustainable society.

Integrity is a core value and a guiding force that contributes to the success of our organization and has a positive impact in our community.

  • Innovation encourages adaptability by promoting a mindset that is open to change and new ideas. This makes us better equipped to respond to evolving market trends, technological advancements and competitive landscapes.
  • Being innovative provides a significant competitive advantage. By consistently introducing new products and services, QSI is better positioned to differentiate ourselves and provide more long-term value for our customers.
  • Innovation and continuous improvement go hand in hand. By embracing a culture of learning and development, QSI regularly finds ways to enhance our products, services and operations.
  • By fostering innovation we successfully attract and retain top talent who are motivated by creative challenges and a dynamic, forward-thinking workplace.
  • By innovating and enhancing our products and services, QSI works to continually build our customer satisfaction and loyalty.

By making innovation a core value, QSI is committed to staying dynamic, relevant and resilient in an ever-changing landscape. This core value drives success and fosters a culture of creativity and continuous improvement throughout our entire organization.

What QSI Customers Say

Moving to QSI and Titan Armored was one of the best decisions for our bank. The service is outstanding! – ATM Coordinator of Bank in Ohio

Your help has been remarkable. The efforts of the entire QSI team were outstanding and greatly appreciated. All work was accomplished safely, on time and within budget.” – Project Manager of Bank in Pennsylvania

I would like to relay a message – your company is amazing! I appreciate your company so much. QSI is going in our speed dial!” – Manager of Credit Union in Indiana